Our Partners

Our partners in Property Management

We maintain close partnerships with these trusted companies to compliment and support our property management offering.

Grit is a building solutions company with the aim to plan, construct and implement structural additions to commercial and mixed-use properties. The company lives up to its name by seeing all projects through with a never-say-no approach. For where there is a challenge, Grit is there to take it on with all their sleeves rolled up and a fully committed team.

Valgro specialises in identifying and managing alternative revenue streams within the property sector which is traditionally known as Non-GRA income. With a comprehensive understanding of commercial, retail and industrial property sector, Valgro offers a turnkey solution by optimizing existing revenues or mining new opportunities while sitting on the landlord’s side of the table.

As a leader in urban precinct management, Ignite is a specialist in integrating the built environment with its direct community. Ignite works closely with both property managers and CIDs (Community Improvement Districts) to leverage efficiencies and to deliver custom-made precinct solutions. Iginte is passionate to improve the safety and security of mixed-use spaces, to improve the use of common spaces and to uplift communities.

Blume is a turnkey energy solutions provider with a focus to provide smart solutions across the complete energy value chain from energy production, management and storage. Blume also acts as an energy fund and development management partner having developed over 20MW of solar assets with 10MW under asset management. Their offering aims to drive energy cost efficiencies, energy security
and alternative income streams in order for businesses and tenants to excel.