Loftus Park

416 Kirkness Street, Arcadia

Building B - 1st Floor347 m²01/07/2024
Building B - 4th Floor26 m²Immediately
Building B - 4th Floor160 m²01/07/2024
Building B - 5th Floor99 m²01/07/2024
Building B - 5th Floor86 m²01/07/2024
Building B - 5th Floor155 m²01/07/2024
Development Opportunity
Building C5 500m²Future Development
Per Floor:Proposed Subdivision:
Ground Floor848 m²233m² + 233m² + 283m²
First Floor1 123 m²264m² + 246m² + 194m² + 327m²
Second Floor1 123 m²264m² + 246m² + 194m² + 327m²
Third Floor1 123 m²264m² + 246m² + 194m² + 327m²
Fourth Floor1 123 m²264m² + 246m² + 194m² + 327m²
Fifth Floor726 m²267m² + 317m²
Flexi Suites - Flexible Office Space
Building B - 2nd Floor1 SuiteImmediate

Loftus Park is a vibrant and contemporary mixed-use development located in the heart of Pretoria, South Africa. This dynamic complex seamlessly blends commercial and retail spaces, creating a modern urban environment that caters to diverse lifestyles. As one of the sought-after destinations in Pretoria, Loftus Park has garnered significant attention for its unique offerings and strategic location.

Situated in the iconic suburb of Arcadia, Loftus Park enjoys a prime location that places it in close proximity to key attractions and amenities. The development is particularly noteworthy for its adjacency to Loftus Versfeld Stadium, a renowned sports venue that hosts various events and matches. Additionally, Loftus Park benefits from its central location, providing easy access to major transportation hubs, business districts, and cultural landmarks in Pretoria.

Commercial Spaces:

Loftus Park is a hub for business and commerce, featuring state-of-the-art office spaces that cater to a variety of industries. The commercial precinct within the development is designed to meet the needs of modern businesses, offering cutting-edge facilities and a dynamic work environment. The strategic location of Loftus Park makes it an attractive choice for businesses looking to establish a prominent presence in Pretoria.

Semi-Serviced Office Space:

Discover, Flexi Suites, a semi-serviced office space offering within Sable Place. Flexi Suites are designed with your business in mind, offering a versatile and adaptable workspace solution. Whether you’re a startup testing the waters or an established business with evolving space requirements, the Flexi Suite offering provide the perfect blend of convenience and professionalism.

Retail and Entertainment:

The retail component of Loftus Park adds to its allure, featuring a diverse array of shops, boutiques, and dining options. From high-end fashion to casual dining experiences, Loftus Park provides a vibrant shopping and entertainment destination for residents and visitors alike. The carefully curated retail spaces contribute to the overall appeal of the development, making it a popular choice for those seeking a well-rounded lifestyle experience.

Key Features

    1. Back-Up Generators: Ensures uninterrupted business operations with reliable backup generators.
    2. 48-Hour Emergency Water Supply: Provides a robust 48-hour emergency water supply for residents and businesses.
    3. Security: Comprehensive 24/7 security system with surveillance and access control.
    4. High-Speed Fiber Options: Offers high-speed fiber-optic options for fast and reliable connectivity.
    5. High Foot-Count: Benefits businesses with increased visibility and customer interactions.
    6. Close Proximity to Schools and Universities: Strategically located near schools and universities for added convenience.

View: Future Development within Loftus Park

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